Business Skills PDH Courses for Engineers and Online Engineering Continuing Education

Online Continuing Engineering Education Business Skills Courses

Attention PE engineers in the States of Ohio, Indiana, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


The following courses cannot be used as a continuing education course to renew your license in any of the above States. The course material of this course is not within the guidelines of States requirements.


Business Skills PDH Courses For Engineers

No. Course Name PDH Price
OL401Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations New10$120.00
OL337Advanced Excel Formulas And Functions New8$48.00
OL335Trying Out A Federal Job New10$30.00

OL337Advanced Excel Formulas And Functions8$48.00
OL329Business Management Guide For Department Heads And Program Mangers11$165.00
OL330Ethical Behavior In The workplace4$60.00
OL401Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations10$120.00
OL331Improving First - Level Supervision Of Federal Employees15$180.00
OL334Prohibited Personal Practices At Work4$60.00
OL333Sexual Harassment In Work Place10$150.00
OL326Starting A Business For Engineers And Scientists1$12.00
OL335Trying Out A Federal Job10$30.00
OL332Work Place Bullying And Disruptive Behavior2$12.00
OL324Writing Guide For Engineers And Scientists1$12.00
OL325Writing Technical Reports1$15.00