PDH Courses for Home & Building Inspectors and Online Continuing Education

Online Home & Building Inspectors Continuing Education Courses

The following courses have been selected carefully to maintain, improve or expand the technical knowledge of the licensee's in his/her field of practice.


All Subject matters are technical in nature and addresses business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional Home & Building Inspector and serves to safeguard (HSW) Health, safety and welfare of the citizens.


PDH Courses For Home & Building Inspectors

No. Course Name PDH Price
OL398Design Techniques, Construction Practices, and Materials for Affordable Housing New11$132.00
OL386Residential Structural Design Guide New52$312.00
OL352Air Distribution System Design: Good Duct Design Increases Efficiency New2$24.00
OL350Blue LEDs - Filling The World With New Light New1$12.00
OL344Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter New2$24.00
OL340An Alternative To Septic Systems New2$12.00
OL092Introduction To Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques And Schematic Readings New15$45.00

OL017ADA - Common ADA Error And Omissions In New Constructions And Alterations2$30.00
OL002ADA Guide For Small Business2$30.00
OL003ADA Guide For Small Towns3$45.00
OL004ADA Standards For Accessible Design 201030$349.00
OL005ADA Title III Highlights2$30.00
OL352Air Distribution System Design: Good Duct Design Increases Efficiency2$24.00
OL007Americans With Disabilities Act3$45.00
OL340An Alternative To Septic Systems2$12.00
OL110Asbestos Standard For The Construction Industry2$30.00
OL233Basic Geodesy4$60.00
OL234BLM Glossary For Survey And mapping4$48.00
OL350Blue LEDs - Filling The World With New Light1$12.00
OL012Bridge Inspection18$216.00
OL013Cathodic Protection System For Civil Works Structures15$180.00
OL15aCentral Boiler Plants - I3$18.00
OL15bCentral Boiler Plants - II15$90.00
OL15cCentral Boiler Plants - III30$180.00
OL081Chemical Hazard Communication2$30.00
OL019Construction Pocket Guide1$12.00
OL115Design And Construction Of Safe Room And Shelter Against Terrorist Attack26$312.00
OL116Design Guide For Improving School Safety30$90.00
OL117Design Guide In Improving Hospital Safety36$108.00
OL398Design Techniques, Construction Practices, and Materials for Affordable Housing11$132.00
OL082Design, Guidelines & Standards For Historic Districts5$75.00
OL026Electrical Design Lightning And Static Electricity2$12.00
OL083Electrical Handbook15$225.00
OL027Electrical Power Supply And Distribution15$180.00
OL084Electrical Test Methods25$329.00
OL085Evaluation And Repair Of Concrete Structures18$216.00
OL031Foundation In Expansive Soils10$120.00
OL309Green Building - Greening Federal Facilities20$120.00
OL214Green Building - LEED 2009 For New Constructions And Major Renovations12$180.00
OL213Green Building - LEED, Costs And Financial Benefits Of Green Buildings19$228.00
OL035Green Building - Rating Systems For Existing Buildings15$225.00
OL034Green Building - Rating Systems For New Construction & Major Renovations10$150.00
OL215Green Building - Sustainable Buildings6$90.00
OL212Green Building Guidelines, New Home Construction6$90.00
OL216Green Remediation - Incorporating Sustainable Environmental Practices Into Remediation Of Contaminated Sites8$48.00
OL344Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter2$24.00
OL037Home Builder Guide I4$60.00
OL038Home Builder Guide II2$30.00
OL039Home Builder Guide III5$75.00
OL189Home Builder's Guide To Seismic Resistant Construction8$96.00
OL042How To Avoid Earthquake Damage In New Buildings19$114.00
OL049How To Avoid Electrical Hazard2$30.00
OL046How To Avoid Health Hazard In Plumbing Cross Connections6$90.00
OL044How To Build A Radon Resistant Home8$120.00
OL040How To Design Buildings Against Terrorist Attacks8$120.00
OL088How To Design Pile Foundations18$216.00
OL041How To Evaluate & Repair Concrete Structures20$240.00
OL089How To Inspect, Evaluate And Repair Hydraulic Structures15$90.00
OL050How To Make Sure The Structures Built Near The Flood Zone Are Safe3$45.00
OL187How To Reduce Lead Hazard When Remodeling Your Home2$12.00
OL090How To Save Energy And Money At Home2$30.00
OL314How To Use Wind Energy To Power Your House3$45.00
OL186HVAC-Building Air Quality-A Guide For Building Owners And Facility Managers30$349.00
OL053HVAC-Chillers, Refrigerant, Compressors And Heating Systems8$120.00
OL126Installing Seismic Restraint For Duct And Pipe8$120.00
OL127Installing Seismic Restraints For Mechanical Equipment4$60.00
OL128Instrumentation For Concrete Structures26$156.00
OL130Introduction To Circuit Protection16$240.00
OL092Introduction To Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques And Schematic Readings15$45.00
OL054Landscape Design And Planning3$36.00
OL261Landscape Irrigation Program6$72.00
OL55aMaintenance & Repair Of Building Structure I3$36.00
OL55bMaintenance & Repair Of Building Structure II10$120.00
OL55cMaintenance & Repair Of Building Structure III20$120.00
OL056Maintenance Of Surface Areas And Related Structures15$180.00
OL058Maintenance Of Water Front Structures8$48.00
OL177Mold Remediation In School2$24.00
OL062Operation, Maintenance And Repair Of Auxiliary Generators12$72.00
OL063Pavement Maintenance6$36.00
OL064Pavement Maintenance Management15$90.00
OL065Preventive Maintenance Program2$12.00
OL141Promoting Seismic Safety4$60.00
OL095Recommended Practice For The Design Of Residential Foundations3$45.00
OL066Repair Of Rigid Pavement Using Epoxy2$12.00
OL386Residential Structural Design Guide52$312.00
OL173Rock Foundations12$180.00
OL072Soil Stabilization For Pavements6$72.00
OL071Soils And Geology Procedures For Foundation Design Of Buildings And Other Structures20$120.00
OL073Solar Water Heating4$60.00
OL169Swimming Pool Operation And Maintenance6$36.00
OL075Tornado Risks, Shelter And Recommendations4$60.00