ADA Title III Highlights

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Course Summary

The title III regulation covers:
Public accommodations (i.e., private entities that own, operate, lease, or lease to places of public accommodation), Commercial facilities, and Private entities that offer certain examinations and courses related to educational and occupational certification. Places of public accommodation include over five million private establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, convention centers, retail stores, shopping centers, dry cleaners, laundromats, pharmacies, doctors' offices, hospitals, museums, libraries, parks, zoos, amusement parks, private schools, day care centers, health spas, and bowling alleys. Commercial facilities are nonresidential facilities, including office buildings, factories, and warehouses, whose operations affect commerce. Entities controlled by religious organizations, including places of worship, are not covered. Private clubs are not covered, except to the extent that the facilities of the private club are made available to customers or patrons of a place of public accommodation. State and local governments are not covered by the title III regulation, but rather by the Department of Justice's title II regulation.

Learning Objectives

  • Who is covered by title III of the ADA
  • Overview of Requirements
  • "Individuals with Disabilities"
  • Eligibility for Goods and Services
  • Modifications in Policies, Practices, and Procedures
  • Auxiliary Aids
  • Existing Facilities: Removal of Barriers
  • Existing Facilities: Alternatives to Barrier Removal
  • New Construction
  • Alterations
  • Overview of Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for New Construction and Alterations
  • Examinations and Courses
  • Enforcement of the ADA and its Regulations
  • Technical Assistance

Course Author

US Department of Justice



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