BOP Equipment Descriptions And Requirements

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Course Summary

This section discusses the components of Classes II through IV BOPE systems as outlined in Section 2. The components are grouped into the following classifications: preventers, the actuating system, the choke and kill system, auxiliary equipment, and hole-fluid monitoring equipment.

Upon receipt of a proposal to conduct well operations, division engineers use the guidelines contained in this manual to develop BOPE requirements for the well, which will be conveyed to the operator in a permit to conduct well operations. The requirements stated on the permit constitute the minimum standards for the BOPE system when it is inspected in the field. Any proposed deviation from these standards must be approved, in writing, by the division prior to inspection. If any component fails to meet these standards, the entire equipment array must be considered inadequate and no operations will be permitted until the inadequacy has been corrected to the satisfaction of the division.

Learning Objectives

This course serves as a guide for Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (division) engineers, this course covers the following:


  • How to develop a BOPE requirements for a well.
  • The requirements would be the minimum standards for the BOPE system when it is inspected in the field.

Course Author

California Department of Conservation



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