BOP Inspection And Testing

Credit: 4 PDH

Course Fee: $24.00

54 Pages


Course Summary

If BOPE inspection and/or testing is required on the division's Permit to Conduct Well Operations (Form OG 111), inspections must be made by a division representative accompanied by the operator's and/or contractor's representative. The division inspector must verify that all of the requirements for casing, BOPE, hole-fluid monitoring equipment, and pressure rating are satisfied.

Learning Objectives

This course serves as a guide for Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (division) engineers, this course covers the following:


  • Testing the actuating system
  • Testing the accumulator unit
  • Emergency back up system
  • Accumulator back up system
  • Testing the BOPE stack, choke and kill system, and auxiliary equipment.
  • Subsea BOPE inspection and testing
  • Subsea Pressure testing
  • Subsea preventer actuation testing
  • Testing the auxiliary equipment

Course Author

California Department of Conservation



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