Business Management Guide For Department Heads And Program Mangers

Credit: 11 PDH

Course Fee: $165.00

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Attention PE engineers in the States of Ohio, Indiana, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This course can not be used as a continuing education course to renew your license in any of the above States. The course material of this course is not within the guidelines of States requirements.

Course Summary

This course has been prepared especially for you in your role as head of an academic or administrative unit or manager of a program. It is designed to supplement the university's existing fiscal, human-resources, and other policies and procedures by offering a single source of information and guidance to help you implement policies and procedures correctly as you pursue the goals of your organization in a fiscally responsible manner.

Among the topics addressed in this guide are:

  • Payroll and human-resources administration,
  • Purchasing and contracting for needed goods and services,
  • Recording and depositing money received

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will learn:

  • Your Role in Departmental Financial Management.
  • Your Role in HR/Payroll Management
  • Your Role in Payroll Review and Distribution
  • Your Role in Managing Sponsored Programs
  • Your Role in the Contracting Process
  • Your Role in Accounts Payable
  • Your Role in Approving Invoices
  • Your Role in Procurement Card Management
  • Your Role as Approver
  • Your Role in Managing Petty Cash Funds
  • Your Role in Managing Travel
  • Your Role in Managing Entertainment
  • Your Role in Managing Wireless Service
  • Your Role in Managing University Equipment
  • Your Role in Managing Money
  • Your Role in Safeguarding Assets
  • Your Role in Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Your Role in Records Management
  • Your Role in Managing IT Resources

Course Author

The University of Tennessee



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