Construction Surveying - Curves

Credit: 4 PDH

Course Fee: $48.00

39 Pages


Course Summary

By studying TM 5-232, the surveyor learns to locate points using angles and distances. In construction surveying, the surveyor must often establish the line of a curve for road layout or some other construction.

The surveyor can establish curves of short radius, usually less than one tape length, by holding one end of the tape at the center of the circle and swinging the tape in an arc, marking as many points as desired.

As the radius and length of curve increases, the tape becomes impractical, and the surveyor must use other methods. Measured angles and straight line distances are usually picked to locate selected points, known as stations, on the circumference of the arc.

Learning Objectives

  • Simple horizontal curves
  • Obstacles to curve location
  • Compound and reverse curves
  • Transition spirals
  • Vertical curves

Course Author

Department of Army



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