Geo Buried Treasure

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Course Summary

The geothermal energy potential beneath our feet is vast. This tremendous resource amounts to 50,000 times the energy of all oil and gas resources in the world. And geothermal energy is clean; it represents a promising solution for the nation and the world as we become ever more concerned about global warming, pollution, and rising fossil energy prices. Furthermore, increased development of geothermal energy gives people the potential to gain better control of their own local energy resources and use a secure, safe, domestic source of energy.

There are three primary ways we can use geothermal energy: for electricity production, for direct-use applications, and for heating and cooling buildings with geothermal heat pumps Together, all of these geothermal technologies are a winning combination for cleanly meeting our country's energy needs. Many U.S. communities and individuals benefit environmentally from using geothermal energy. And geothermal energy resources are domestic resources. Keeping the wealth at home translates to more jobs and a more robust economy.

Learning Objectives

This course further explores the environmental, economic, and employment benefits of geothermal electricity production and geothermal direct-use.

Course Author

US Department of Energy



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