Green Building - LEED 2009 For New Constructions And Major Renovations

Credit: 12 PDH

Course Fee: $180.00

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Course Summary

The LEED Green Building Rating Systems are voluntary, consensus-based, and market-driven. Based on existing and proven technology, they evaluate environmental performance from a whole building perspective over a building's life cycle, providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a green building in design, construction, and operation.

The LEED rating systems are designed for rating new and existing commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. They are based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strike a balance between known, established practices and emerging concepts. Each rating system is organized into 5 environmental categories:

Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality. An additional category, Innovation in Design, addresses sustainable building expertise as well as design measures not covered under the 5 environmental categories. Regional bonus points are another feature of LEED and acknowledge the importance of local conditions in determining best environmental design and construction practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation in Design
  • Regional Priority

Course Author

US Green Building Council



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