How to Protect your House from Flooding

Credit: 15 PDH

Course Fee: $225.00

173 Pages


Course Summary

This course is specifically for engineers/homeowners who want to know how to protect their house from flooding. As a home owner you need clear information about the options available to you and straight forward guidance that will help you make the right decision.

Learning Objectives

The course discuss how to make changes to your house in order to flood proof your house either temporary or permanently. Different methods of permanently flood proofing or elevating your house and the approximate cost. Different examples of elevating or flood proofing a house based on the type of the foundation it has. For more information about the course please click on the course topics # 8 and quiz section below to find out what you learn in this course. (173 pages)

Course Author

Department of Housing and Urban Development



Review the quiz before studying the course.

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