Leak Detection Methods For Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks And Piping

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Course Summary

As of March 2005, almost 450,000 UST leaks had been confirmed. At sites without leak detection, leaks were discovered late, after contamination had spread, requiring difficult and costly cleanups. By contrast, if you have effective leak detection, you can respond quickly to signs of leaks. You can minimize the extent of environmental damage and the threat to human health and safety. Early action on your part also protects you from the high costs that can result from cleaning up extensive leaks and responding to third-party liability claims.

Learning Objectives

  • An Overview of Leak Detection Requirements
  • Secondary Containment with Interstitial Monitoring
  • Automatic Tank Gauging Systems
  • Vapor Monitoring (Including Tracer Compound Analysis)
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
  • Tank Tightness Testing With Inventory Control
  • Manual Tank Gauging
  • Leak Detection for Underground Piping
  • Publications and Videos about UST Requirements
  • State Contacts for UST Information



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