Maintenance Of Trackage

Credit: 10 PDH

Course Fee: $30.00

103 Pages


Course Summary

This course prescribes the policy, criteria, and procedures for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing trackage at military installations. It establishes maintenance standards for railroad and crane trackage systems and provides guidance for the selection, use, and installation of railroad materials and equipment and track components that will perform satisfactorily.

Learning Objectives

This course is a guide to maintenance of railroad trackage at military installation. Repair modification, and minor construction procedures are presented within limitation of maintenance personnel responsibilities. The maintenance standards prescribed have been established to protect government property, with an economical and effective expenditure of maintenance funds commensurate with the functional requirements and the planned future use of the facilities. The publication furnishes guidance for the maintenance forces in the field who will do the work and is designed for the use in the performance of their work.

Course Author

US Army Corp of Engineers



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