Site Planning And Design

Credit: 8 PDH

Course Fee: $48.00

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Course Summary

This course describes the site planning and design process used to develop a project which fulfills facility requirements and creates the optimal relationship with the natural site. The course also provides specific guidance for design of on-site vehicular circulation and parking installations.The course is intended for use by those individuals given the responsibility for developing contract site plans.

Learning Objectives

Site planning is the art of evaluating a site, determining an appropriate program of activity and organizing that activity on the site. Site design is the art of arranging facilities on the site in support of the desired activity. Site design shapes the site to accommodate facilities with the least negative impact to the natural environment and the greatest benefit for the users. The course provides guidance for developing a site plan from preliminary planning through the conceptual or 35 percent design phase. The course provides general site design guidelines. It provides criteria for design of on-site vehicular circulation and parking.

Course Author

US Army Corp of Engineers



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