Starting A Business For Engineers And Scientists

Credit: 1 PDH

Course Fee: $12.00

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Attention PE engineers in the States of Ohio, Indiana, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

This course can not be used as a continuing education course to renew your license in any of the above States. The course material of this course is not within the guidelines of States requirements.


Course Summary

Regardless of whether you start your own high-tech company, this series of articles will sensitize you to the business aspects of what's happening around you - Engineers and scientists can fundamentally improve their contribution to society and benefit themselves as well by learning more about business. Every nation, every company, every person must deal with the issues of productivity and competitiveness. Our standard of living depends on what we produce, and engineers and scientists, more than any other group, can create wealth for society because they are directly coupled to the engines of productivity.

Learning Objectives

All engineers must report their work, usually in writing. Skilled writers impress their readers favorably. Clear writing helps in preparing oral presentations.

Course Author

Milton Chang



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