Accident - Metal dust Explosion and Fire - Quiz

Quiz Question

1. AL Solutions processes titanium and zirconium scrap metal into pressed compacts that __________ producers use as alloy additives.
2. Fine ____________ particulates are easily ignited in air and can ignite spontaneously at elevated oxygen concentrations or high pressures.
3. The ______________ operators in the blending and press room died at the scene, and the zirconium press operator died three days following the incident from severe burn injuries.
4. On the basis of production operations at the time of the incident, the blender likely contained a substantial quantity of zirconium. Indications of burned residue and char on the ceiling above the blender and the presence of burning deposits on the wall behind the blender suggest that the burning zirconium particulates lofted from the blender after the initial explosion, engulfing the room in fire.
5. ______________ determined that an ignition of zirconium dust likely caused the fatal explosion; however, the presence of flammable hydrogen acting in addition to the metal dust cannot be ruled out. Both titanium and zirconium dusts are water reactive, burn vigorously compared to other metals, and can produce hydrogen gas in the presence of heat.
CSB investigators
AL Solutions
None of the above
6. ______________ requires the use of flame-resistant clothing to reduce the severity of injuries from flash fires. AL Solutions provided its operators with 100 percent cotton work shirts and pants that were not flame resistant.
NFPA 284
NFPA 384
NFPA 484
NFPA 584
7. Water Cleaning Requirements – The use of water for cleaning shall not be permitted in manufacturing areas unless which of the following requirements are met?
Complete drainage of all water and powder to a remote area is available
Operating management has full knowledge of, and has granted approval of its use.
Competent technical personnel have determined that the use of water will be the safest method of cleaning in the shortest exposure time.
All of the above
8. As part of the settlement, EPA requires that AL Solutions implement several company-wide safeguards, including which of the following?
Completion of process hazard analyses, including combustible dust testing and analysis
Limitations on the acceptance of new metal feedstock and a disposal plan for titanium and zirconium metals at the New Cumberland facility.
Implementation of safety procedures for hydrogen gas detection
All the above
9. The 2006 CSB study identified 281 combustible dust incidents between 1980 and 2005, which resulted in the deaths of 119 people and injured 718 other people. In this study, ___________ percent of the combustible dust incidents involved metal dusts.

In July 2013, the ____________ board voted and declared that OSHA’s response to previous combustible dust recommendations was "unacceptable" because OSHA had yet to develop even a proposed rule on combustible dust hazards, more than 4 years after it committed to start rulemaking.

None of the above