General Questions

  • I am having problem logging into my account. The System does not accept my email address and password.

    – If this is your first time, you must first click on the New User Registration and register first
    – Make sure you have typed your email address correct.
    – Make sure the Caps lock is not accidentally turned ON. The system only accepts lower case passwords.

  • I registered, but I can not login to my account.

    If your web browser is set to High Security setting you will not be able to register.

  • If you have a Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 + simply
    – Click on “Tools”
    – Click on “Internet Options” (or “Options”)
    – Click on “Privacy”
    – Slide the bar down to “Medium”.
    – Click “Apply”
    – And then click “OK”.

  • If you have Mozilla Firefox, simply
    – Click on “Tools”
    – Click on “Options”
    – Click on “Privacy”
    – Check the box [ ] Accept cookie from sites
    – Check the box [ ] Accept third-party cookies
    – In the box, Keep until < select > [they expire]
    – Click “OK”

  • I took the quiz, and passed it, paid for the course, but when I clicked on the print certificate, the page was blank.

    This does not happen that often, but it can happen due to the momentary internet connection lose or your establish login session with the website is expired.

    In case you faced this problem, please let us know and we will check your record and email your certificate.

  • I used my nick name or misspelled my name when I was creating my account, how can I fix it, so my name prints properly on my certificate.

    Contact us or send us an email and we will change it for you.