South Carolina Pre-approved Special Inspectors LLR Courses 2021-2023

Twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education are required for each registration cycle. The reporting period is from July 1st of each odd numbered year to June 30th of the following odd numbered year. Continuing education may not be carried over to a new registration cycle.

The following courses have been pre-approved by the South Carolina Labor, Licensing and Regulation office for the purpose of continuing education. The South Carolina licensees can take the following courses and renew their LLR license.

South Carolina Pre-approved LLR COURSES 2021-2023

Pre-approved LLR Courses for Continuing Education

LLR Course No Course Name NUMBER OF CEU's
2023-14-01Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction2 days = 11 Hrs
2023-14-02Guide for Design & Construction of Concrete Parking Lots4.0
2023-14-03How to Improve Soft Ground4 Hrs
2023-14-04Basics Of Soil Mechanics1 Hr
2023-14-05Foundation Design Options6 Hrs