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Engineering Continuing Education Online PDH Courses for PE Engineers

Engineering Continuing Education Online PDH Courses for Florida PE Engineers

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Frequently Asked Questions!

What are PDH courses?

PDH courses are typically designed for professionals who need to maintain their professional licenses. These courses provide continuing education on the latest developments and best practices in their fields. They are often required by regulatory bodies to ensure that professionals stay up-to-date with industry standards and regulations.

What are PDH courses for engineers?

PDH courses for engineers are courses that a PE Professional Engineer needs to take in order to renew his or her license annually or biannually.

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What are engineering continuing education courses?

Engineering continuing education courses are specialized courses designed for engineers to enhance their knowledge and skills beyond their initial engineering education. They cover topics such as new technologies, design techniques and regulatory compliance. These courses provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) that can be used to maintain engineering licenses and certifications.

What is the difference between PDH and CE?

The term PDH stands for Professional Development Hour and CE stands for Continuing Education. They mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. PDHs are used to track the number of hours that a professional engineer spends on continuing education. While PDHs are specifically focused on meeting state licensing requirements, CE credits may be required for other purposes, such as professional certifications or career advancement. Additionally, while PDHs are typically measured in hours, CE credits may be measured in different ways depending on the organization or employer that is requiring them. State Boards of Contractors, Architects, Land Surveyors, Geologists, and Interior Designers mostly use the term CE for their continuing education hours and requirements.

What is the difference between PDH courses for engineers and PDH courses for professional engineers?

PDH courses for engineers and PDH courses for professional engineers are the same. The term has been used casually for PE Professional Engineers who must take PDH or CE Engineering continuing education courses to maintain their Professional Engineering License.

What should the subject of the PDH course(s) for engineers be directed to?

Any technical course in the field of study or work of the PE Engineer that can improve and expand his or her technical knowledge and serve to safeguard the Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) of the citizens.

Can we obtain CE credit or PDH credit for PDH courses academically?

Yes, taking college semester courses in the appropriate technical fields can be count as PDH or CE courses. Each State has different rules to how many PDH Hours each college course would be credited for. The PE engineer should review the Rules and Laws of the State(s) in which he or she is a PE Professional Engineer to find out the equivalency of a college semester course to the number of PDH continuing education that he or she will receive.

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