Accident - Preventing Fire Accident in School Demonstrations

Quiz Question

1. Bulk containers of flammable chemicals should not be in close proximity to potential ignition sources such as open flames.
2. Any person inside the barrier during a chemical demonstration activity, such as the person performing the activity, must wear all appropriate personal protective equipment, which of the following are personal protective equipment?
Face shields
Safety glasses with side shields
All the above
3. The Discovery has approximately 14 demonstrations that its educators perform on a regular basis. ___________ of these demonstrations involve the ignition of flammable chemicals such as methanol, hydrogen, and methane.
4. All prevention and mitigation strategies offer the same level of protection from an incident.
5. A _________ occurs when the combustion of a flammable gas and air mixture produces a fire that does not last very long but may be large.
Flash fire
Fierce firing
Spot Burns
None of the above
6. On September 15, 2014, only 12 days after the incident at The Discovery, an incident involving a methanol flash fire occurred at the STRIVE Preparatory School ("STRIVE") – a high school in _________________.
Houston, Texas
Denver, Colorado
San Diego, California
None of the above
7. The lack of an effective hazard analysis and formal safety procedures resulted in a normalization of the improper use of the four-liter bulk methanol container during the Fire Tornado demonstrations.
8. Prior to conducting any activity with flammable chemicals, it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that all presenters are sufficiently trained on which of the following?
All hazards involved with demonstrations
Safety procedures
Necessary safety precautions
All the above
9. A science demonstration called the "Fire Tornado" was regularly performed at The ____________. The Fire Tornado demonstration is comprised of three smaller demonstrations performed sequentially to produce different colored flame "tornadoes."
SA Labs
None of the above

In December 2013, the CSB issued a safety message video about a 2006 incident similar to The Discovery incident. Ohio high school students were severely burned when a demonstration called the "______________" experiment resulted in a flash fire.

Rain Forest
None of the above