ADA - Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and Dryer - Quiz

Quiz Question

1. Specifications based on children’s dimensions may be followed when lavatories or sinks are designed primarily for use by children ages __________ and younger.
2. According to Figure, the toe and knee space length should be?
ADA – Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and Dryer 1
6” min and 11” max respectively
6” max and 11” min respectively
3. The structural strength of benches and back support must withstand a vertical or horizontal force of _________?
200 lbs
250 lbs
4. Wheelchair turning space is required in accessible saunas and steam rooms. This turning space must be a 60” diameter circle or L-shaped.

IBC stands for?

International Building Code
International Building Commission
6. The accessible path of travel is required to the extent that it does not cost more than 60% of the total cost of the work to the primary function area.

Toilet paper dispensers must be within accessible reach from the ____________?.

Water closet
Water fountain
8. According to the given table, the grab bar height for age category 9 –12 is,
ADA – Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and Dryer 2
25” – 27”
5” – 15”
9. What does ISA stands for?
International Study of Accessibility
International Symbol of Accessibility

For front-loading machines, the height of the bottom of the opening of the door must be between ____ and _____ above the finish floor.

15” and 36”
20” and 22”