Central Boiler Plants - I - Quiz

Quiz Question

1. The primary purpose of a central Boiler plant is to:
Economically produce energy for distribution.
Process a wastewater plant.
Operate a chemical manufacturing facility
2. The energy produced by a Central Boiler Plant can be in the form of
Hot water
Compressed air
Electric power
All of the above
3. A distribution system is necessary to carry this energy to buildings, hospitals, kitchens and laundries where it is used for heating, cooling process, sterilization and production of hot water.
4. A central Boiler plant is comprised of the following 10 major categories: Heat absorbing equipment, fuel handling equipment, combustion equipment, air handling equipment, controls and instrumentation, pollution control equipment, water treatment systems, water supply equipment, distribution systems, miscellaneous.
5. Which one of the following a boiler design must meet?
Operational safety
Generation of clean steam or hot water at the desired rate, pressureand temperature.
Economy of operation and maintenance.
Conformance to applicable codes.
All of the above.