Excavation Collapse - Quiz

Quiz Question

1. What type of rocks are present at the project site?
Water Island Formation (Kw)
2. What is the estimated depth of weathering at the project site?
15 feet
5 feet
30 feet
3. Who was the civil engineer of the East End Plaza project?
Harris Civil Engineers
Garland Wilson
4. What does this image represent?
Excavation Collapse
Cross Section of the barrier wall prior to collapse
Cross Section of the Original Ground Surface and the Excavated Surface
5. What was the slope of the excavation at the collapsed area?
1(H) to 1(V)
2(H) to 1(V)
ΒΌ(H) to 1(V)
6. What type of earth deposits were found in the upper tension zone of the collapsed area?
Residual soil only
Weathered rock only
Both residual soil and weathered rock
7. What type of soil unit is the project site located within?
8. What was the estimated average height of the excavation at the collapsed area?
8 feet
60 feet
43 feet
9. What type of soil classification could these deposits be at best classified as?
OSHA Type B soil
OSHA Type A soil
OSHA Type D soil
OSHA Type C soil
10. For excavations deeper than 20 feet, who must design the excavation?
A certified safety professional
A registered professional engineer
A government inspector