Maintenance & Repair of Building Structure I - Quiz

Quiz Question

1. The foundation of a building or structure transfers the dead and live loads of the superstructure to soil that has enough bearing capacity to support the structure in a permanent, stable position.
2. Foundation walls without footing is usually is used for:
Light weight buildings
Office buildings
3. Soil conditions may change over a period of time and introduce maintenance and repair problems even in initially well- designed foundations.
4. Which of the followings would be considered as common causes of foundation movement.
Settlement and differential settlement of the soil caused by inadequate compaction of the soil
Improper sizing of the footings
Over loading the structure
Excessive ground water which reduces the bearing capacity of soil
Inadequate soil cover which fails to protect against frost heaving
Adjacent excavation that allows unprotected bearing soil to shift from under foundations to the excavated area.
All of the above
5. Localized foundation displacement may show upin:
Cracked walls
Damaged framings and connections
Sloping floors
Sticking doors
Leakage through a displaced roof
All of the above
6. The minimum practical thickness for a medium duty slab is:
4 inches
6 inches
8 inches
7. In the process called curing the concrete should be kept from drying out for at least
5 days
15 days
30 days
60 days