Tank Explosion in West Virginia - Quiz

Quiz Question

1. MRR stated to the CSB that before the May 24, 2017, incident the company had successfully removed the mercaptan smell from more than _________ style vessels?
150 MP
50 MP
2. According to Figure 6 close MP and treat MP with solution for _______________?
Tank Explosion in West Virginia
48+ hours
22+ hours
3. The full form of PSM
Product Safety Management
Process Safety Management

Which of the following did MRR identified as the three “most likely” reactive chemical mechanisms that could produce reactive or flammable gases,

  1. Sodium hydroxide from the sodium hypochlorite solution reacting with aluminum to produce hydrogen
  2. Catalytic decomposition of sodium hypochlorite to produce oxygen; and
  3. Reaction of sodium hypochlorite with an acid, such as sulfonic acid, to produce chlorine.
1 and 2
All the above

One witness estimated that explosion debris launched 200 to 250 feet in the air.

6. MRR hired an outside firm, Specialized Response Solutions (SRS), to vent and drain the liquid from the remaining 100 MP odorizers

For the design of explosion-relief systems, _________ directs the designer to the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting, NFPA 68

API 521
API 007
8. Tank Explosion in West Virginia 1
According Figure 22, dip tube conditions, condition of internals and metals present analysis falls under which category?
Mechanical Integrity Unknowns
Chemistry Unknowns
9. What does CCPS stands for?
Center for Chemical Process Safety
Center for Chemical Product Safety

ESI stands for?

Exhaust Service International
Explosive Service International