Understanding Natural Gas Markets - Quiz

Quiz Question

1. The _______________ is an important source of energy for the Unites States.
Natural gas
2. The natural gas production and delivery system is not designed to produce and transport the full amount of natural gas consumers want during periods of peak demand.
3. Figure 2 on page 7 represents:
Physical flow of natural gas
Some of the primary areas where natural gas is produced in the United States.
4. Heating demand for natural gas puts upward pressure on natural gas prices during winter, contributing to the tighter market that exists for natural gas in the winter months, and serving to compensate those who place gas in storage during lower-price, off-peak periods.
5. 97% of the US gas supply does not come from domestic sources and Canada.
6. Figure 8 on page15 represents
US Natural Gas Marketed Production
Sources of Natural gas supply to US consumers
7. The most important market center in the United States is the_________, located in southern Louisiana, because it is the most active and highest-volume trading point.
Henry Hub
Waha Hub
Egan Hub
8. A ___________is a standard measure of natural gas, equal to the amount of natural gas contained at standard temperature and pressure (60 degrees Fahrenheit and 14.73 pounds standard per square inch) in a cube whose edges are one foot long.
Cubic foot
Cubic cm
9. _________________ is natural gas that has been liquefied by reducing its temperature to -260 degrees Fahrenheit at atmospheric pressure. This liquefaction process reduces the volume of the gas by approximately 600 times from its original size.
Liquefied natural gas

_____________________is a form of unconventional gas located in low-permeability sandstone.

Tight sands gas
Loose sands gas