Green Building - Greening Federal Facilities

Credit: 20 PDH Hours
Course Fee: $120.00
Pages: 153

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Course Summary

This course Greening Federal Facilities encompasses actions ranging from improved landscaping, to materials selection, to recycling, to water conservation, to energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling. It highlights best practices to:

  • invest in improvements that have quick paybacks and make economic sense,
  • increase productivity, comfort, and health of employees and building occupants,
  • maximize innovative financing and partnering opportunities,
  • facilitate interagency cooperation,
  • work within the ongoing operations and procedures of facilities management staff and reduce environmental impacts.

This course Greening Federal Facilities reflects a long-standing commitment to make government work better and cost less, to use the Federal government’s enormous purchasing power to stimulate markets for American energy and environmental technologies, and to save taxpayers money through reduced material costs, waste disposal costs, and utility bills.

Learning Objectives

  • Rationale and Basics
  • Environmental/Energy Decision Making
  • Energy Systems and Conservation
    • Energy and Conservation Issues
    • HVAC Systems
    • Electric Motors and Drives
    • Lighting
    • Electrical Power
    • Office, Food, and Laundry Equipment
    • Water
    • Energy Management and Controls
    • Building Renewable Energy Systems
  • Water and Wastewater
    • Water Management and Audits
    • Toilets and Urinals
    • Showers, Faucets and Drinking Fountains
    • Electronic Controls for Fixtures
    • Reclaimed Water
    • Graywater and Rainwater Harvesting
    • Stormwater Systems and Management
  • Materials, Waste Management and Recycling
    • Materials Selection Issues
    • Operational Waste Reduction and Recycling
    • Construction Waste Management
  • Site and Landscape Issues
    • Site Selection and Building Orientation
    • General Landscaping Principles
    • Enviroscaping
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Lighting Quality
    • Noise Control and Privacy
  • Operations and Maintenance Opportunities
    • The Role of O&M
    • Creating Healthy Indoor Environments
    • Leased Buildings
  • Management Actions
    • Setting Standards and Training
    • Measuring and Monitoring Benefits
    • Procurement and Service Contracts
    • Financing and Partnerships
    • Employee Incentive Programs

Course Author

US Department of Energy

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