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The following courses have been selected carefully to have a direct or indirect relevance to the field of the licensee's practice. These courses have been selected to maintain, improve or expand the technical knowledge of the licensee's in his/her field of practice.

All Subject matters are technical in nature and addresses business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional engineer and serves to safeguard (HSW) Health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

PDH Courses For Land Surveyors

ID Course Name PDH Price
OL436What is LiDAR Technology New PDH Course - What is LiDAR Technology 10$120.00
OL435Surveying and Mapping with Drones New PDH Course - Surveying and Mapping with Drones 1$12.00
OL424Cost Comparison between Drone vs Traditional Surveying New PDH Course - Cost Comparison between Drone vs Traditional Surveying 5$60.00
OL443An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice New PDH Course - An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice 2$30.00
OL464Surveying Basics New PDH Course - Surveying Basics 3$27.00
OL459One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees New PDH Course - One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees 2$24.00
OL070Site Planning and Design New8$48.00
OL444Basic Concepts of Surveying New PDH Course - Basic Concepts of Surveying 2$24.00
OL421Advanced Drone Technology New PDH Course - Advanced Drone Technology 7$105.00
OL455History of Surveying New PDH Course - History of Surveying 4$36.00
OL246Survey Markers and Monumentation New8$96.00
OL387Surveying and Mapping Manual New30$300.00
OL434Small Unmanned Craft for Surveying New PDH Course - Small Unmanned Craft for Surveying 4$60.00

OL224Acoustic Multi Beam Survey Systems for Deep Draft Navigation Projects8$48.00
OL003ADA Guide For Small Towns3$45.00
OL421Advanced Drone Technology7$105.00
OL225Airborne LIDAR Topographic Surveying4$60.00
OL443An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice2$30.00
OL444Basic Concepts of Surveying2$24.00
OL233Basic Geodesy4$60.00
OL391Basic Surveying Theory and Practice23$345.00
OL234BLM Glossary for Survey and mapping4$48.00
OL338Complete Street Design Guidelines6$72.00
OL440Concrete Construction12$180.00
OL237Construction Surveying - Bridge Surveying2$24.00
OL238Construction Surveying - Curves4$48.00
OL235Construction Surveying - Earthwork2$24.00
OL424Cost Comparison between Drone vs Traditional Surveying5$60.00
OL449Different Methods of Surveying2$30.00
OL228Electronic Digital Level4$24.00
OL239Establishment of Calibration Baselines4$48.00
OL229Fundamentals of Corner Restoration4$60.00
OL230Geospatial Data and Systems24$144.00
OL231GIS Terminology4$60.00
OL343Guide for Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots4$48.00
OL401Guideline on General Contractor - Subcontractor Relations10$120.00
OL390Highway Surveying Manual32$384.00
OL455History of Surveying4$36.00
OL439How to Do Site Work for Construction7$105.00
OL389Land Surveying Procedure NY27$162.00
OL054Landscape Design and Planning3$36.00
OL292Low Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety8$96.00
OL060Natural Resources Land Management17$102.00
OL232NAVSTAR Global Positioning System Surveying30$349.00
OL459One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees2$24.00
OL139Operation & Maintenance Best Practices22$264.00
OL264Outdoor Burning3$36.00
OL262Outdoor Burning in Texas3$36.00
OL240Planning and Processing Surveys for Civil Works Projects4$48.00
OL241Positioning Techniques for Offshore Engineering Surveys8$48.00
OL244Project Control, Coordinate Systems and Datums8$120.00
OL242Public Land Survey Systems4$60.00
OL236Road Surveying; Reconnaissance Survey4$48.00
OL243Single Beam Acoustic Depth Measurement Techniques8$48.00
OL070Site Planning and Design8$48.00
OL434Small Unmanned Craft for Surveying4$60.00
OL245Structural Deformation Surveying30$349.00
OL388Survey Manual20$120.00
OL246Survey Markers and Monumentation8$96.00
OL387Surveying and Mapping Manual30$300.00
OL435Surveying and Mapping with Drones1$12.00
OL464Surveying Basics3$27.00
OL226Surveying Procedures and Practices8$120.00
OL227Using Differential GPS Positioning for Elevation Determination2$12.00
OL436What is LiDAR Technology10$120.00
OL156Wood - Based Composites and Panel Products3$36.00