PDH Courses for Geologist and Online Geologists Engineering Continuing Education

Online Geologists Continuing Education

The following courses have been selected carefully to maintain, improve or expand the technical knowledge of the licensee's in his/her field of practice.


All Subject matters are technical in nature and addresses business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional geologist and serves to safeguard (HSW) Health, safety and welfare of the citizens.


PDH Courses For Geologists

No. Course Name PDH Price
OL416Accident - Preventing Fire Accident in School Demonstrations New2$30.00
OL409Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods in Russia New3$45.00
OL401Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations New10$120.00
OL396Guidance for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites New27$162.00
OL377Natural Site Design Preservation and Protection New8$120.00
OL342Construction Material Plant Quality Program New3$18.00
OL339Admixtures For Concrete New3$45.00
OL337Advanced Excel Formulas And Functions New8$48.00
OL311Gulf Of Mexico Oil And Gas Lease Sale - Environmental Impact New30$90.00
OL211Biomass Oil Analysis New17$51.00
OL174Rigs-To-Reefs Policy, Progress And Perspective New1$3.00
OL107API - Commission Publications Explains How Oil Market Works New2$6.00

OL416Accident - Preventing Fire Accident in School Demonstrations2$30.00
OL339Admixtures For Concrete3$45.00
OL337Advanced Excel Formulas And Functions8$48.00
OL210America's Oil And Natural Gas Industry3$45.00
OL107API - Commission Publications Explains How Oil Market Works2$6.00
OL108API - Mixing Zone Modeling And Dilution Analysis For Water-Quality-Based NPDES Permit Limits20$120.00
OL109API-BIOACCUMULATION: An Evaluation Of Federal And State Regulatory Initiatives11$66.00
OL110Asbestos Standard For The Construction Industry2$30.00
OL233Basic Geodesy4$60.00
OL211Biomass Oil Analysis17$51.00
OL014Causes of Distress And Deterioration In Concrete5$60.00
OL081Chemical Hazard Communication2$30.00
OL166Coastal Geological Investigations10$120.00
OL113Construction Considerations For Low Density Concrete1$12.00
OL342Construction Material Plant Quality Program3$18.00
OL312Crude Oil Markets5$60.00
OL114Dam Owners - Impact Of Plants On Earthen Dams10$150.00
OL265Design And Construction Guidelines For Dams10$120.00
OL250Design And Construction Guidelines For Dams In Texas10$120.00
OL118Designing For Earthquakes30$349.00
OL119Dredging And Dredged Material Disposal9$54.00
OL120Drilling And Blasting For Surface Excavations12$90.00
OL022Drilling And Operating Oil & Gas And Geothermal Wells In H2S Environments4$48.00
OL122Effects Of Oil And Chemically Dispersed Oil In The Environment5$60.00
OL251Emergency Action Plans For Dams5$60.00
OL319Energy Resource Potential Of Methane Hydrate3$36.00
OL409Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods in Russia3$45.00
OL170Environmental Benefits Of Advanced Oil & Gas Exploration18$216.00
OL028Estimating Well Cost For Enhanced Geo System Applications7$84.00
OL123Federal Guide For Dam Safety3$45.00
OL031Foundation In Expansive Soils10$120.00
OL124General Design And Construction Of Earth And Rock-Fill Dams12$144.00
OL033Geo Buried Treasure2$24.00
OL035Green Building - Rating Systems For Existing Buildings15$225.00
OL196Grouting Technology15$90.00
OL396Guidance for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites27$162.00
OL254Guidance On Risk Analysis And Safety Implications Of A Large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spill Over Water20$120.00
OL401Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations10$120.00
OL256Guidelines For Surface Water Drainage Plan For A Municipal Solid Waste Facility2$24.00
OL311Gulf Of Mexico Oil And Gas Lease Sale - Environmental Impact30$90.00
OL087History Of Coastal Engineering4$60.00
OL051How To Protect Coastal Shorelines6$72.00
OL266Hydrologic And Hydraulic Guidelines For Dams4$48.00
OL259Hydrologic And Hydraulic Guidelines For Dams In Texas4$48.00
OL178Leak Detection Methods For Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks And Piping3$36.00
OL269Natural Gas Unlocking The Low Carbon Future8$96.00
OL060Natural Resources Land Management17$102.00
OL059Natural Resources, Forest Management3$18.00
OL377Natural Site Design Preservation and Protection8$120.00
OL194Overview Of Gulf Of Mexico OCS Oil And Gas Pipelines2$24.00
OL270Package Plants For Wastewater Technology3$36.00
OL063Pavement Maintenance6$36.00
OL064Pavement Maintenance Management15$90.00
OL065Preventive Maintenance Program2$12.00
OL141Promoting Seismic Safety4$60.00
OL174Rigs-To-Reefs Policy, Progress And Perspective1$3.00
OL072Soil Stabilization For Pavements6$72.00
OL071Soils And Geology Procedures For Foundation Design Of Buildings And Other Structures20$120.00
OL148Strategies For Characterizing Subsurface Releases Of Gasoline Containing MTBE II12$144.00
OL172Summary Of Federal Regulations For Underground Storage Tank Systems4$48.00
OL150Technical Manual For Dam Owners - Impact Of Animals On Earthen Dams10$120.00